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Founded in 2016 Cheetah Experience Ashia is a 35 hectares working agricultural farm applying environmental values and with a strong focus on supporting the conservation of endangered big and small cats, especially cheetahs.

Just 45 minutes from Cape Town, Cheetah Experience Ashia is set at the foot of the colossal Drakenstein mountains near Paarl, and surrounded by award winning wineries and orchards.  The farm cultivates its own grapes, guavas and olives, along with a smaller crop of home-grown produce and herbs.

With a particular passion for Africa’s wildlife, Cheetah Experience Ashia has partnered with Cheetah Experience Bloemfontein, who have been involved since 2005 in the conservation of cheetahs and has established an approximately 10 hectares cheetah facility and sanctuary for ambassador and retired cheetahs of Cheetah Experience.  With cheetah numbers dropping to 6,500 worldwide (of which only 2,000 are in protected areas) and with the cheetah now only covering 23% of their historic range in Africa, the cheetah has become Africa’s most endangered big cat.

Cheetah Experience Ashia offers the opportunity to contribute in aiding conservation initiatives through its volunteer programmes, working holidays and research / internship programmes.

Small groups of guests will also have the opportunity to participate in educational experiences and learn how we can work together to bring this precious species back from the brink of extinction. By having these intimate experiences, visitors will really appreciate the urgent need for action to protect these beautiful animals.
For more information on Cheetah Experience Ashia, our volunteer programmes or booking a visit, Please follow the links on our website or email enquiries@ashia.co.za or volunteers@ashia.co.za.




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