Children see cheetahs for the very FIRST time, “In Real Life”

Cheetah Experience Ashia had a fun afternoon giving back to the community with our first Educational Tour for the children from the Anna Foundation.

The Anna Foundation is a Non-profit organisation focused on providing education, sports and life development for underprivileged children in South Africa, particularly those in rural areas.

A group of 30 children from the foundation based at the nearby Buffet Olive farm spent the afternoon at our project learning all about the conservation of cheetahs and other endangered cats.

The majority of the children saw a cheetah for the very first time “in real life” – they heard the purr of a cheetah and saw first hand how they can run.

Not only did they learn and experience new things, but the children, the staff and volunteers all had a great time face painting and playing with the children.  They were such a well behaved group of children and it was such a pleasure to have them visit our team.

We look forward to supporting the the Anna Foundation and the amazing work they do in the future.

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