Cheetah Experience Ashia Our A-Cubs

Our gorgeous ambassador cheetahs – the “A Cubs” were busy watching all the work going on in their camps on this rainy day in Paarl. Unfortunately Anya only sat still for one photo but Alpha and Ava were definitely posing for the camera today.

Although it is a lot of fun and a lot of animal love here at Cheetah Experience Ashia, there’s also lots of hard work here too. It’s all worth it for the animals, and the cheetahs already love their new grass and wood chips in their camps. The A Cubs love nothing better than chilling on their hill and soaking up the winter sun while taking in the view around them or sleeping under the guava trees on their new grass.

Volunteers are all about cheetahs, but we also enjoy taking care of the farm side of things at Ashia. We are at the end of our guava picking season, and although we don’t have enough left to send off for juicing, the staff and volunteers spent the morning picking and processing a few buckets for our own use and to make yummy homegrown products to serve in our cafe/deli once we open.

Voluntourists Laying Grass And Wood Chips At Cheetah Sanctuary

Cheetah Cub Posing On A Tree Trunk On A Rainy Day

Close Up Head Shot Of Young Cheetah Anya

Young Cheetah Posing For Camera On A Rainy Day

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