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Ashia Cheetah Conservation Logo.

Ashia Cheetah Conservation is a registered non-profit company that was set up in 2018, with the goal of funding and managing Ashia’s Cheetah Release Programme.

Ashia’s primary goal is to help prevent the further decline of cheetah populations and increase the genetic gene pool through captive breeding programmes. Captive-born cheetahs will be released into the protected wild of selected Private Game Reserves in South Africa. The relatedness of the reserve populations has become an issue and preventing inbreeding without supplementation from outside populations will be practically impossible. Given the limited numbers in the wild, the release of captive-born cheetahs from scientific breeding programmes with strict DNA testing and accurate (Studbook) records on origin and parentage is a promising way to respond to the urgent need of reintroducing new blood lines to strengthen the wild populations.

Ashia Cheetah Conservation accomplished the initial phase of its first release of a captive-born cheetah, a four-year old female named Jasmin, into the protected wild. Jasmin, raised at Ashia’s partner project Cheetah Experience Bloemfontein, started her release journey on 29 August 2018 at Kuzuko Lodge, a private game reserve in the greater Addo area. Kuzuko is part of the Legacy Hotels & Resorts Group and is a member of the Inqo Investments Social Impact Investment Group, which combines job creation, conservation and social transformation.

The “wilding” of a captive-born cheetah is a true win for conservation on numerous fronts, with a large part of the achievement always being the successful collaboration between the various stakeholders involved in a release.

Like Jasmin, further captive-born cheetahs will be released into the protected wild of selected Private Game Reserves in South Africa through our Release Programme. Several potential game reserves have already been identified and visited and are in the process of applying for the necessary permits.

Main objectives of Ashia Cheetah Conservation

  • Linking Wildlife Conservation and Human Welfare by raising awareness for South African Wildlife and educating adolescents especially from underprivileged and marginalized communities in South Africa.
  • Create job opportunities for those adolescents in the field of conservation and careers within wildlife reserves.
  • Provide financial support for training of those adolescents as well as scholarships for South African students in the field of conservation and animal health care.
  • Participate and financially support re-introduction of endangered species, especially cheetah, into the protected wild.

Secondary objectives

  • Raise funds to support the primary objectives.
  • Collaborate with other organisations which share the same objectives.

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