Libby Moves To Her New Enclosure

In 2016 Cheetah Libby was born with cleft palate (an opening/hole in the roof of her mouth) which lead to her nasal cavity stopping her from being able to nurse.  In May she underwent her fourth and final surgery.  After Libby’s operation she had to stay in an area where she cannot chew on anything to ensure she didn’t do any damage while it was healing.  After 6 weeks in her safe enclosure, she had an unexpected play date.  Cheetah Experience Ashia  had to make necessary changes to her enclosure and she had the best time ever running as fast as she can and playing with her soccer ball in our running enclosure.

Now after eight weeks of recovery from her surgery in our quarantine camp, Libby has finally moved to her very own big camp.  Although she should now be fully healed, we still made a few changes to the camp just to be sure it was safe for her.

Libby now has the biggest hill she has ever had and so much open space to run around and be happy.

Kind Regards, Cheetah Experience Ashia


Western Cape

South Africa.

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