Where can one start with an experience so amazing as Cheetah Experience Ashia has given me? I don’t think words would be able to do it justice. Cheetahs are my favorite animal and I am so passionate about them. Developing bonds and earning respect from them is something i will cherish forever.

All the cheetahs have a certain place in my heart but Xena and Zeus have a big piece for completely different reasons. I loved all my interactions with Xena but her jogging off her hill to come up to me and put her head on my face was one of my favorite moments with her. Zeus and I started off a bit rocky since he doesn’t like men. It took 2 months for him to start warming up to me and now he comes up and lets me give him a nice scratch. So that was a very unexpected and amazing experience.

All the staff work so very hard in all aspects to make this place what it is and what it will be. Without them, these memorable experiences would not be happening and I am so grateful for their dedication and passion.  – Chris (Cheetah Experience Ashia Volunteer, 2018).

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