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Safari Accommodation-Near-Cape-Town

December 10, 2018
This is not a traditional safari experience, but it’s a wonderful way to meet the ambassador cheetahs and even have the opportunity to watch a cheetah run. At Ashia, there are several luxurious suites….  VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

Captive Bred Cheetah Released Into The Protective Wild Made Her First Springbok Kill

October 22, 2018
The release of Jasmin, a captive-born cheetah, into the wild – the first of many to come for Ashia – who is now proving our efforts right through her successes, is a true win for conservation on numerous fronts…  VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

Captive-bred cheetah Jasmin Lays Next To Her First Kill

October 22, 2018
Cape Town – The captive-bred cheetah Jasmin, donated to the Kuzuko Lodge in the Addo Elephant National Park by the non-profit organisation Ashia Cheetah Conservation, was recently released into a larger holding camp and has officially made her first kill…  VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

Captive-bred cheetah makes first kill

October 19, 2018
The conservation team at Kuzuko Lodge, managed by Legacy Hotels and Resorts, are happy to report that the captive bred cheetah named Jasmin, which was donated to Kuzuko by the NPO Ashia Cheetah Conservation, was recently released …  VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

News Release of Captive Cheetah making her first Kill

October 18, 2018
Ethical breeding in captivity, such as that we are working on at Ashia Cheetah Conservation, has become essential to ensure the long-term survival and viable genetic diversity of the species. The release of Jasmin, a captive-born cheetah, into the protected wild …  VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

Released Captive-Bred Cheetah Jasmin Lying Down In The Bush With Her Very First Kill, A Springbok

October 15, 2018
Like Jasmin, further captive-born cheetahs will be released into the protected wild within selected Private Game Reserves in South Africa through Ashia’s Release Programme. According to Rischard, several potential game reserves have already been identified and visited by the Ashia team and are in the process of applying for the necessary permits…  VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

Magazine Layout Style Articles Cheetah Side View Face

September 16, 2018 
Cape Town – Jasmin is exceptionally cheeky and energetic. But those are just some of the endearing qualities the cheetah cub’s handler and co-founder of Ashia Cheetah Conservation, Chantal Rischard, is going to miss about her… VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

Close up black and white photo of two cheetah faces, showing their black tear marks.

August 27, 2018 
WOULD Ashia, which only opened officially at the end of last year, be up to close scrutiny? Or is this just another addition to South Africa’s 80-odd captive wildlife breeding facilities who trade under the guise of cheetah conservation? I was soon to find out… VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

Distant photo of cheetah sitting on a rock.

September 07, 2018 
GEOARDENLIEBE und Unterkunft – Bei Ashia wohnen Tiere und Menschen zusammen. Am 7. September 2018 hat Ashia Cheetah Conservation eröffnet und einen Einblick in die neue Farm mit angrenzenden Unterkünften in Paarl gegeben… VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

Cheetah staring into distance while standing in front of Kuzuko Lodge signboard.

September 07, 2018 
CAPE TOWN, Paarl.  Cheetah Experience Ashia hosted guests and media at their cheetah sanctuary today to officially announce and celebrate the release of their first captive-born cheetah into the protected wild at Kuzuko Lodge… VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

Cheetah standing and staring into camera.

September 07, 2018 
THE release of a captive-born cheetah into the wild – the first of many to come for Ashia – is a true win for conservation on numerous fronts, with a large part of the achievement being the successful collaboration between the various stakeholders involved… VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

Cheetah staring into distance while standing in front of Kuzuko Lodge signboard.

September 07, 2018 
A captive-born cheetah is on her way to a life in the wild in the Eastern Cape. The feline‚ named Jasmin‚ has been moved from Cheetah Experience Bloemfontein to a boma at a private game reserve near Addo… VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

Close up photo of cheetah's face, displaying its tear mark, staring into the distance.

September 10, 2018 
ASHIA Cheetah Conservation has accomplished the first phase of the release of a 4-year-old captive-born cheetah named Jasmin into protected wild. The non-profit company was set up to finance and manage the release programme of Ashia… VIEW FULL ARTICLE.

An article of Cheetah Experience Ashia appearing in the 7th of April Cape Argus Travel issue.
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