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Consider Internship and Placements at Cheetah Experience Ashia

Cheetah Experience Ashia and Bloemfontein are keen to encourage students in their studies and can accommodate undergraduates as well as students in their final years from a wide variety of courses and backgrounds.

Cheetah Experience Ashia offers internships in a number of disciplines, including but not limited to Animal Care, Conservation, Tourism and Landscaping and Sustainability, where students will be mentored and supervised by our experienced staff. If you are currently studying in one of these areas and need to complete a practical placement or internship, and have a love of big cats, we have opportunities available. 

Being part of our internship program provides a unique opportunity to work alongside our family of supportive and knowledgeable staff, and to learn from them what it takes to look after our cheetahs on a daily basis.

  • Interns will work closely with all our animals, an experience that they will cherish for the rest of their life!
  • Our attitude and beliefs are ethical and it is of the utmost importance that our volunteers and interns share our common goal – we always put the animal’s needs first.

In Bloemfontein, we have always welcomed Animal Management interns and students into our program, and would now like to open up our doors for further opportunities that are available near Cape Town at Cheetah Experience Ashia.  We are staffed with a dedicated team with a wealth of experience in these areas. Our staff act as mentors and provide guidance and support to all our interns and students.  Alongside the educational value, we feel that an international internship at Cheetah Experience also provides a safe and supportive environment for students to spread their wings and gain some valuable life experience while completing their internships.



Animal Management and Husbandary for approximately 10 cheetahs at this stage.  Interns will work alongside our staff and volunteers to learn and contribute to the care of our animals including cleaning enclosures, preparing food and feeding the animals, providing public education on conservation and awareness, planning and implementing enrichment activities for all our animals, animal observations and assisting researchers where applicable.  We will also be undertaking more research at this facility, specifically focusing on diet and different diseases related to dietary intake in cheetahs.

Farming and Agriculture – Ashia is a working farm with approximately 30 hectares of grapes, guavas and olives.  Students will have the opportunity to assist with harvesting and general farm management.

Landscaping, Environment and Sustainability – we cook food for approximately 20 people each day from our volunteer house and deli.  We have our own organic nursery where we can grow a large proportion of this food ourselves and also to sell in our small scale nursery.  Interns will help design, implement and maintain our self-sustaining organic garden.

Our interns are housed in the volunteer house alongside our international volunteers and are provided with two meals per day (breakfast and lunch).  They will be accommodated in shared bedrooms (allocated on a same-gender sharing basis), have shared bathrooms and access to the communal kitchen, living area and outdoor BBQ (Braai) area.  Wi-Fi is available both in the accommodation and on the project. 

Cheetah Experience Ashia Offers:
30% discount on our regular volunteering fee for our International interns.
50% discount for South African students completing an internship with us.
Prices as listed below (including the discount).

  2 week 3 week 4 week > 4 weeks (per week)
International Volunteers R 9,450 R 13,250 R 16,500 R 4,150
International Interns (30% discount) R 6,615 R 9,275 R 11,550 R 2,905
South African Interns (50% discount) R 4,725 R 6,625 R 8,250 R 2,075


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