Preparing Our Leopard Camp

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Or “leopard’s treasure” in this case… The beautiful indigenous flame tree at the owners’ house was knocked over by the last big storm in Cape Town. As it had outgrown its planter and couldn’t be repositioned we thought: Well, that’s the most perfect leopard tree for the farm. Habitat and Moving Trees agreed to support our project by bringing the flame tree from the owners’ house to the farm and plant it in the middle of the new leopard enclosure. It had to sacrifice a bit of its huge crown for the transport but the nursery is confident that it will grow back in no time.
Whilst Missy and Panthera – the two leopards that will retire at Ashia – are still enjoying their lives in Bloemfontein we are busy preparing everything for their arrival hopefully early next year. We can’t wait to see those two beauties happily resting on its sturdy branches. A big Thank You goes to Habitat Mature Tree Nursery and Moving Trees for their support.

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