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Volunteers Accommodation


Our volunteer house is custom built for volunteers and includes a large central living area with a shared kitchen, lounge room with TV, dining room, outdoor braai and outdoor deck. On each side of the central living area is a wing that includes 2 double bedrooms, 2 single bedrooms, 2 shared bathrooms and 2 outdoor showers. Each wing ends in a little apartment featuring 2 double bedrooms (for a long-term stay 1 double bedroom can be turned into a lounge room), 1 study or storage room, a kitchenette with living area and a bathroom. One of the apartments is accommodating our volunteer coordinator who is taking care of the needs, leisure activities and meals of our volunteers. The house is cleaned regularly.

Daily breakfast will be available for you to prepare and lunch will be provided Monday – Saturday.
Tea and coffee will be available all day but dinner is not included in the cost.
You will be taken to the shops twice a week to buy food, drinks, snacks and other necessities so make sure you bring along extra money.
Bring along your laptop, mobile phone and camera.
In and around the area are many pubs where youngsters gather to socialise.
For more info on what clothes to bring email us and we shall send you a detailed info-pack which covers absolutely everything you will need to know.
You will attend orientation upon arrival to settle you in comfortably.
Included in the cost are 2 Cheetah Experience Ashia t-shirts which will be your uniform when you are on duty as you will be representing our good name we stand for and believe in.


We can accommodate approx. 12 volunteers/students at a time


Volunteers must be at least 18 years old to be able to participate

The volunteer house – offering evening privacy to the volunteers – is directly situated on the farm with a view onto the cheetah camps, orchards the impressive Drakenstein Mountains with Pearl Mountain, declared a nature reserve in 1977.

“At Cheetah Experience Ashia, we are very proud of the construction progress we are seeing with our Volunteer & Holiday Accommodation Suites.”


Our Volunteer Accommodation


At Cheetah Experience Ashia, we are very proud of the outcome of the volunteer accommodation.

If you are interested in our volunteer programme, please feel free to get in touch.

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Construction Of Cheetah Experience Ashia Volunteer House