Wilding & Release Program

Ashia’s Wilding and Release Program, financed and managed by Ashia Cheetah Conservation NPC, went into operation in September 2018 with the release of a captive born female cheetah onto Kuzuko, a 15,000 ha private game reserve in the Eastern Cape.

Since then, more captive-born cats have been translocated to Kuzuko to undergo their wilding prior to their final release on other reserves.

Our conservation efforts primarily focus on the wilding and introduction of captive-bred cheetahs into the protected wild, ultimately strengthening the gene pool and securing a viable Cheetah Metapopulation in South Africa.

Ashia now offers the opportunity to get involved in its
Cheetah Conservation efforts.

You will first work alongside our staff in Paarl to get the necessary experience and training for their volunteering time in the field of South African game reserves. Depending on the stage of the yearly release efforts, you will either assist in accompanying the cheetahs to the reserve, help with their settling in during boma periods or later monitor and record their movements, behaviour as well as hunting and breeding successes. Additionally, you will support the game reserve’s predator team with boma, fence and general reserve maintenance or bush clearing. During educational sessions at Paarl and the reserve, you will gain a deeper insight into Cheetah Conservation and other wildlife.

Interested volunteers should be available for at least
a 3-4 week period, which will include
at least a week in a game reserve.

As such volunteering could require a lot of driving, interested parties should ideally hold an international driver’s license.

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