A Working Agricultural Farm

Ashia was established as a working agricultural farm, with an ideology strongly championing conservation and environmental values.

In addition to supporting conservation initiatives and raising awareness of the cheetah, Ashia is cultivating 25 hectares of produce. This includes six varieties of grape vines, olive groves and guava trees. As part of our commitment to sustainability, a herb and vegetable garden will eventually provide us with the bulk of the food used on the farm.

Enjoying The Summer Harvest

More About Ashia As A Working Farm

Environmental Responsibility

Waste Management

Ashia is also part of the Drakenstein municipality’s pilot waste management program. This ensures that waste produced on the farm will be recycled in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Grape on the Vine Boland

“Ashia” Means “Life & Hope”

“By adopting a natural and environmental methodology to our practices, we hope to encompass all that Ashia represents.”