Ashia is an African name meaning ‘hope and life”. As such the name reflects perfectly the two sides of the project – giving hope for the future of the cheetah earmarked for release through Ashia’s Wilding and Release Program and offering the best life to the animals in need of care at the Sanctuary in Paarl.



A focus on the plight of the fastest land mammal on earth and our innovative approach to address this conservation issue with our Wilding and Release Program.

Ashia’s world-class cheetah center, accredited by Fair Trade Tourism, lies nestled at the foot of the dramatic Drakenstein mountains outside Paarl, a mere 45 minute drive from Cape Town.

Founded in 2016 to help to prevent the further decline of the cheetah population and to increase the gene pool, Ashia is successfully returning captive born cheetahs into the protected wild of South African game reserves and national parks. The relatedness of the reserve cheetah populations is becoming an issue and preventing inbreeding by supplementation from outside is a promising way forward.

Ashia offers many opportunities for day visitors, volunteers and interns to learn more about the endangered status of the species or to support and actively contribute to conservation and research initiatives. The modern and beautifully designed volunteer house is situated within the sanctuary and can accommodate up to 12 volunteers at a time.

A cheetah released into safe conservation.

Cheetah Conservation - 
Wilding & Release Program

Ashia offerings such as holiday work are available to explore the Cape.

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to Explore the Cape 

Visitor activities at The Ashia Sanctuary.

Visitor Activities
at the Sanctuary

Two cheetahs lying down in the shade located at the safe nature reserve, Ashia.

Adoptions & Donations

Different volunteering programs are available at Ashia.

Volunteer Programs

Offers such as internships and research available at Ashia Conservation.

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