What does volunteering at Ashia involve?

For our local volunteers, a typical day is similar to that of our international volunteers, and is outlined under ‘volunteer information’. However, we are flexible with our local volunteers and understand the need to schedule their volunteering around work and/or studies. You will usually join in with our international volunteers in completing daily cleaning, feeding, group activities, and other tasks. However, if you have any specific skills that could be useful on the farm, we will always go with your strength. 

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You do not need any experience – all we want is dedication, passion and a love for animals! You should be of good health and physical fitness as your days will be spent outdoors. If you have any specific skills (including maintenance, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, computing, marketing, or artistic) then please let us know – we are always looking for help with different things around the farm.

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We have a one-time fee of R2,000 which covers the cost of your induction and training time.  You can pay this via EFT or you may pay upon arrival. You need to provide your own transport to and from the program, as well as your own lunch, snacks, and drinks. Lunch is provided on the first day (except Sundays), but tea and coffee are available each day. Should you no longer be able to volunteer with us, Ashia will be unable to refund you in any way.

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•  You must be 18 years of age or older.

•  We require an application form which outlines your contact details and why you want to volunteer at our program.

You can join the program on any day of the week, but we will confirm the induction date once we have your application form.  

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You will be inducted along with our international volunteers, so we require that you speak English. Our program is only presented in English.

You will have a 6-week probation period. We will assess your skills accordingly via conversation, observation and a mock tour of our program, with you as the tour guide.

Thereafter, we require that you give a minimum of 8 hours per month of your time at our program, you choose the days.

We have a roster for our local volunteers. We need to know your volunteering days a week in advance to create an efficient schedule.

During lunch you may relax, spend time with the animals or take photographs.

Lunch is provided on the first day, except on Sundays but thereafter you must bring your own. On a Sunday, you are welcome to order take-away with the other volunteers or bring your own food.

Dress professionally for public tours, and comfortably for outdoor work. You will receive a free Ashia shirt upon completion of the mock tour.

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