Weather In Paarl

November/December to March are our hot months with daily temperatures being around 25-40 ˚C.
April – August are our colder months with a lowest average temperature around 8 ˚C at night to about 15-25 ˚C during the day.
Dry period: November-March / Wettest month: June

Vaccinations & Medical Care

We highly recommend that you visit a Travel Medicine Clinic or at least your local Doctor to seek advice on Vaccinations. Requirements for travelling to different countries can change quite frequently and they can give you the most up to date information (we are not experts in this field). At a minimum for working with animals, we suggest you have a Tetanus as well as Hepatitis A and B vaccination.

We have an emergency unit close to the program. Should you require medical treatment or hospitalisation, you will be liable for all financial costs as you are not a South African citizen. Please note that before the medical staff can admit you, an upfront cash payment or credit card is required. We can provide you with recommendations for local medical professionals that you can visit, should you require less urgent medical attention during your stay. Again, you are treated as a private patient and must pay cash up-front for your appointment.
There are pharmacies close by, where over the counter medication may be purchased. We require you to declare any medical conditions or illnesses you have before you start working here. Should the condition be chronic, it is vital that you provide us with a letter from your doctor specifying your illness and treatment thereof.

Do I Need Travel Insurance & A Visa?

Travel insurance remains your responsibility. We strongly recommend that your travel and medical insurance covers working with wild animals as you will not be covered by our public liability during your stay.
Please note: a standard travel insurance does not cover working with wild animals, you would need to stipulate this. Travel insurance policies differ between countries and can change often. We cannot recommend any companies for you.

As with any overseas travel, you are encouraged to leave a certified set of your travelling documents with someone in your home country and then to carry a set of certified documents with you (separate from your original documents). This is in the event of you losing your passport. Once at the program, you will be able to store your passport and valuables in a safe on site.

You will need to check online or with your local South African consulate to determine your Visa requirements. Tourists from many countries can stay up to 90 days on a visitor Visa, which is arranged upon arrival. This is not for all countries. Ensure you check well in advance to allow time to arrange a Visa in your home country, should it be required. Anyone planning to stay longer than 90 days will need to arrange a Visa prior to leaving their home country.


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