Volunteers and visitors frequently ask whether there is anything they can bring when they visit Ashia

Below is our current cheetah wish list:

Pliers or wire cutters
Any tools – cordless drills, grinders, cordless power tools
Duvets and blankets
Baby wipes
Heat pads – reptile – for babies
Baby or animal fleeces
Sponges and dishcloths
Flannels or facecloths
Nail polish to paint names on animal bowls – lots of bright colours!!!
Toys for the animals – rope toys, balls, teddies etc
A4 paper/ paper/ note pads
Black pens
Sharp sturdy scissors and butcher knives – for meat preparation
Plastic gloves for meat preparation (disposable or rubber)
Tupperware – for meat storage
Gardening tools
Surgical grade animal clippers (for our animal first aid kit)
Powerful rechargeable torches for night time observations  
General office supplies, including permanent markers,
Whiteboard markers, 
Post-it notes,
Colour paper and board,
Plastic envelopes,
Laminating pouches,
File dividers
First Aid supplies (for humans and animals)
Dressings (all sizes and types),
Povidone-iodine ointment,
Antiseptic ointment or liquid,
Bandages (all sizes and types),
Alcohol wipes